Advanced Tips Tutorial

How to Use Unity’s Resources Folder

Unity has several kinds of special folders. One of them is the Resources folder. Simple concept of storing assets is well-explained in the official documentation: Generally, you create instances of assets in a scene to use them in gameplay but Unity also lets you load assets on demand from a script. You do this by placing the …

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Intermediate Tips

Using the Unity Cache Server

  If you’re working on a medium or big project then you may get into a situation when pulling your project from the repository (or switching to a different branch) triggers a time-consuming process of asset importing.  It can be even more painful if you’re targeting at mobile devices like Android and iOS. For instance, on iOS textures or …

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Advanced Tips

UnityToolbag – Library Overview

One of the greatest powers of the Unity is extensibility. You can see this especially by looking at the Asset Store. There’s plenty of scripts that will extend your Unity editor capabilities and some of them are totally free! In Overview series we will talk about this kind of assets. UnityToolbag is a carefully prepared set …

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Basics Tips

You can restore unsaved scene after Unity crash

Unity as any other software out there may crash from time to time. It’s not a big deal unless the last time you saved your scene file was somewhere near your lunch and now you are just about to end your workday. Do you know that feeling? Have you just lost many hours of hard work? Maybe not! Even if you …

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