Becoming a Unity Asset Store Publisher

You’re now in process of creating your game. Did you make something that could be used again? Is it something that is not easy to build and can be useful for others? That’s great! Sell it on the Unity Asset Store! Before we start There are at least two kinds of publishers on the Asset Store. …

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JetBrains Rider: An Alternative to Visual Studio

For quite a long time, Unity installer came with a custom MonoDevelop distribution to assist Unity developers with starting with game development. At that time, it was the only available option for many, since other solutions were simply too expensive. Visual Studio Community was then introduced, and almost immediately it became the default Unity C# IDE, but only on the Windows …

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Optimize yourself! [Part 2]

Things you can do better in Unity! This is the second part of our tips list, that can help you increase your productivity with Unity. The first part can be found here. So definitely check it out if you haven’t already! 1. Unity project setup wizard When you’re creating a new project it often takes …

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